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  • My Affair with a Countryman

    My Affair with a Countryman

    If you know me, you may know that I love anything that has an engine!  A biker, a petrol head, adventure seeker and a deep love for Hello Kitty pretty much sums me up.    So when Mini gave me this incredibly cool Mini Countryman to whizz around in for a while, I was very […]Read More...
  • Gopro 7 is here!

    Gopro 7 is here!

    Need one RIGHT NOW? Click my affiliate link below and head directly to Gopro! Gopro just dropped the Hero 7!  This is gonna be GOOOOD!!  As you probably know by now…I am a MASSIVE Gopro fan!  This year I was lucky enough to visit their headquarters in San Francisco and now they’ve just blown me […]Read More...
  • Fujifilm X Photographer!

    Fujifilm X Photographer!

    Having recently sent Fujifilm some of my work with their camera, I am delighted to say they found me worthy of being associated with their brand.  I am officially a Fujifilm X Photographer for Ireland and the first female to do so!   Delighted would be an understatement ! I first picked up the Fujifilm […]Read More...

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